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Low Carb View of Weight Loss

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Gaining weight has become a major issue nowadays and controlling it is becoming harder and harder. One cannot resist eating fatty foods because this type of foods is the most delicious.

As said that, you know it is a problem, you need to solve it, you have to overcome this problem. But how?  melissa mccarthy weight loss

How are you supposed to control your hunger and eat foods containing less carb?

You might know that I am writing this article just to inform you about the tips that you can follow to lose your weight and control your cravings.

The contents of this article are going to help you if you tend to follow it.

Eat Less, Eat Healthy

There is one thing you can do to control your weight, you can eat less. But if you cannot eat less, you can try eating healthy.

Healthy foods are essential for your body and health but do you know that eating healthy enhances your brain too? Well, you know that now!

Intake Less Carbohydrates

Only fruits and vegetables can keep you healthy, and only these can control your weight. Fruits and vegetables contain fewer carbohydrates which you can eat to keep yourself healthy.

The below table will show you the exact number of carbs you intake normally, in a single day.




No. of Carbs


Pasta 45 to 55
Chocolate Bar 53
Whole Milk 27
Potato Chips 54
Basmati Rice 56 to 58
Whole Wheat Bread 69
Coca Cola 63
Pita Bread 57
Popcorn 55
Mars (chocolate) 65
White Bread 70
French Fries 75
Pretzels 83
Watermelon 72
Corn Flakes 84
Jelly Beans 80

Eat Vegetables

Instead of eating a chicken burger, try eating a veg burger. If you like to eat chicken sandwiches, give the veg sandwich a try, it is way more healthy and delicious. Try to eat green vegetables more and more.








No. of Carbs

Broccoli (raw) 88 grams 6
Cabbage 70 grams 4
Carrots 55 grams 6
Cucumber 104 grams 4
Corn (cob) 63 grams 14
Brussel Sprouts 155 grams 12
Kale (cooked) 65 grams 4
Olives 22 grams 1
1 Potato 202 grams 43
Spinach 30 grams 1
Peas 80 grams 6-11
Lettuce 55 grams 2

For controlling your weight, skip the meat and eat vegetables as much as you can. It will keep you healthy and other than that, some vegetables help in losing weight.

Eat more and more Fruits

You have no idea what fruits do to your body. They are extremely essential. For example, an apple burns the fats accumulated in your body and it also boosts your metabolism. An orange or a mango contains a lot of calcium and calcium helps in burning fats. Did you know that?







No. of Carbs

Apple 32 grams 21
Banana 118 grams 27
Apricot 35 grams 4
Mango 207 grams 31
Peach 98 grams 9
Pineapple 47 grams 7
Pear 166 grams 26

Avoid fatty foods as much as you can and increase your fruit intake!

Control your Hunger – Hunger Suppressing Supplement Will Help

It is obvious that you cannot resist eating when you are craving more than you can imagine. This type of craving attacks more at night. It is a common problem among girls and boys, disastrous cravings take place at midnight or after midnight.

Some people tend to eat more when they are a victim of mixed emotions or if they are extremely depressed, they eat and eat and eat without doing anything else.

For that purpose, I want to share an experience of using Phen24 tablets to control the hunger and such cravings. This tablet comes in two different packaging. One bottle is to be used at day time and the other one is for the night.

It works to burn the fats in your body and it also controls your hunger. So, if you are looking for a solution to suppress your hunger, Phen24 is that solution!

Drink Water as much as possible

Drinking water is known to be a universal solution to lots of problems. Water can cure many diseases, but did you know that water can help in losing weight? Well, most people are not aware of this extraordinary fact!

If you drink cold water, your body burns 8 calories in the process of warming the water inside the body. 8 calories at a time make a lot of difference.

Other than that, water can give you the feeling of being full so that your body won’t accept extra food.

Concluding Remarks:

I hope that you find this article informative. If you follow the table according to the number of carbs, you can lose weight easily and to suppress your hunger, you don’t have to worry about it because you can always have Phen24 for day and night, both.