9 Ways to Improve Male Sexual Life

Problems in sexual life of a person can cause problems in relationships. Most men deny such issues because it may be too embarrassing to admit. While foreplay can last for hours, the period of intercourse does not; and that is where most men have problems. Many men may have troubles with erection or want to last longer in bed.

The wish to increasing stamina in bed may come from lack of it or to increase pleasure making between partners. Either case there are many ways to improve male sexual life. Problems with erections are usually related to cardiovascular health because the male genital works with blood pressure. The vessels swell up with blood when the brain signals them to. As the heart is responsible for the flow of blood, if it is not healthy, problems will blood flow to the penis will arise. So as a general rule, the health of your heart is related to your sexual health.

Rather than suffer, it is always better to remedy situations that cause distress. Safe male enhancement products can be used to supercharge your sex life for a more fulfilling time in bed. Male Extra is a great such product which has shad over 150,000+ satisfied customers. Male Extra along with the following effective ways will help you improve your sexual life.

  1. Lead an Active Lifestyle

Cardiovascular exercises are the best way to improve your overall health. Although, sex itself is good exercise as it increases the heart rate, regular exercise will keep your heart in good shape. This will enhance your sexual performance. Exercises like swimming or running for at least 30minutes a day, will break your sweat and do wonders for your health; increasing your libido. Male extra can also be used to improve your sexual performance with its natural ingredients that help increase the hardness, size and longevity of your erections.

  1. Reduce Stress in your life

Stress negatively impacts you in more ways than one. It also wreaks havoc on your libido. Stress can act as a trigger for a number of unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, both of which are inimical to your sexual health. Stress increases your blood pressure and ups your heart rate but in a negative way. Mental stress can also affect the ability to achieve an erection and in reaching an orgasm. To counter the stress you should talk to your partner about things which will bring you solace and will also nourish your relationship. Exercising again is a great way to reduce stress and improve your sexual health.

  1. Let go of negative habits

Most of the things men do to unwind are actually detrimental to their sexual health.  Smoking and alcohol have been medically proven to decrease libido whilst harming overall health. Their adverse effects greatly diminish sexual performance. The stimulants narrow blood vessels and cause impotence. Ditching or at least cutting back on such things will be the initial steps to improve your sexual performance. These should be substituted by regular exercises and a good diet which will provide your sexual ability the impetus it needs.

  1. Take sun baths

Not getting enough sunlight has been linked to depression which can seriously diminish your libido or even nullify it. Getting outdoors and getting sunlight will wake your sex drive up. Sunlight basically provides you with Vitamin D which boosts libido and stops the body’s production of melatonin. The hormone melatonin is known to suppress our sexual urges and desires. Melatonin and sexual urges have an inversely proportional relationship. Soaking the sunlight will especially be helpful to you in winters when the human body produces more melatonin.

  1. Practice masturbation

If you are not lasting longer in bed, you might need practice. Masturbation can help you increase your period before ejaculation if you practice it properly. Keep in mind that it can have harmful effects if overdone or done in a rush, so you have to be careful with it. Practicing in this way can make you last longer which will also increase your love making periods. Although sex itself is practice, but masturbation too can help with your longevity.

6.Eat foods that can increase blood flow

Consuming certain foods can increase your blood flow helping with your erections and sexual performance. E.g. Onions and garlic are known to increase your blood circulation while bananas are potassium rich and lower the blood pressure which can improve your sex life. Chilies and peppers too are natural spices which reduce inflammation and hypertension that will help your blood flow. Omega-3 acids and vitamin B-1 will also help you achieve better blood flow. Male extra is also a great male enhancement product that will increase blood flow to your penis.

  1. Give special attention to your partner
    Sex is between you and your partner, so you should not be oblivious to your partner’s desires. Talking and giving attention to your partner may help slow you down or be even turn you on?
  1. Stay Slim

Obesity kills the levels of testosterone in the body which directly affect your sex drive. People who are obese have lower levels of testosterone than non-obese people. So, it is a good idea to keep your body weight in check.

  1. Seek Medical help
    although the above mentioned ways will help improve your sex life drastically, not yielding results may suggest medical problems. Conditions like erectile dysfunction and other diseases may require medical treatments. If you suspect something like this you should not shy away from asking your doctor on ways to improve your sexual health.

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